What Do You Advise Me To Pine Stair Treads

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Pine stair treads – The stairs are a fundamental piece and of great use in all construction of several levels, durable steps and that support great traffic are necessary for the success of the work. That is why the alternatives of steps of both solid and finger-joint in pine and eucalyptus wood pine stair treads are offered, this in addition to the stringers necessary to complete the aesthetic assembly of the stairs.

It is the best solution, of work and to cover it with wood stair tread covers, it is very solid and it is quieter, another solution is of work and its finishing of step and railing in wood, also more economic and solid. Naturally, its width, its length, and who makes it can vary a lot.

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I have doubts about the staircase that I am putting, I hope you are so kind to give me advice. The description of the staircase is as follows: Metallic staircase flown with two beams, with wooden steps. They have given me a lot of advice, to put it in pine wood stair treads lowes, beech or pinewood, what would be the most beautiful in aesthetics and hardness? How many centimeters thick, 3 or 4 cm? They say that three is cleaner in knots, are they more beautiful smooth ?. The floor is of floating wood in light reddish cherry, What would be the most aesthetic varnish trying in the same color or another darker? The beams do not know what color to paint them, the railing goes in steel and glass, what do you advise me? I’m thinking of black or gray.

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