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June 5, 2019 Attic Stair

What Is an Attic Stair Cover?

A type of attic stair deck is an insulated box that covers the opening around the attic steps. It is insulated with foam and aluminum foil, both of which are energy efficient materials. Although it is based on the attic floor, in order to make the sides work better and the bottom of the general box needs to be closed with sealing strips. To maintain the use of the ladder, the box comes with a removable cover that can be lifted to access the room. This type of attic stair cover can usually be purchased at a home improvement store or made at home.

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Generally, most hardware stores have at least one type of attic access cover. Owners who choose to build their own can usually do it very easily with the right materials. For example, the insulated box requires roof nails, foam board, weather stripping and construction adhesive. An insulation roll is also recommended for additional energy savings.

An attic stair insulation blanket could exist to save energy, but it has other uses. Because it covers the attic opening, the possibility of rodents and insects entering the house by the slight opening near the ladder can be reduced. In addition, it can thwart the humidity, dust and dirt that often thrive in attics. A simple cover is quite cheap considering how much it helps.

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