Wheelchair Stair Lift: Look What Ideas!

Chair Stair Lift Design

That is, for anyone that has any kind of difficulty to face a flight of stairs. And as long as you do not exceed the maximum weight, you can upload anything. And if the neighbors stick you, read the instruction manual. It is not advisable to confuse this platform with the wheelchair stair lift, which consist solely of a seat to climb up. And someone will have to raise the wheelchair by hand, if necessary. But as can be seen, its use does not only consist of elevators for disabled people, but it is also intended for people who have to lift baby carriages, or with mobility problems, or pregnant women.

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There are many manufacturers of stair climbers. What you have to take into account is the maintenance of stair lifts , which can be done by any other company than the manufacturer. In another article I talk about vertical lifts , which are another alternative to the installation of a stair lift , to facilitate access to people with mobility problems.

They are lifting platforms for people. Not only for disabled people in a wheelchair. They are designed to be used by anyone with reduced mobility who, for whatever reason , finds it difficult to overcome an architectural barrier. I hope that this article about lifting platforms for handicapped people will help you understand how these devices work.

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