Wicker Headboard Decoration

White Wicker Headboard

Wicker headboard decorating is the process of taking a boring headboard and making it more interesting with different materials. Headboard decorating is an easy way to quickly enhance the appearance of any bedroom. A decorated headboard gives a complete look to any room. Boring gables prevent a room from looking polished and modern. Modern headgear decorating can form almost any pattern, style or design that makes it easy to light a room and add interest. A unique headboard will also give more individual interest in a room and showcase your own personal sense of style and design.

It is important to consider your personal style when choosing how to decorate a wicker headboard. You should also consider the decoration style that is already present in the room. A modern looking headboard will look in a traditionally decorated room. You should also consider how much you are willing to spend on the project.

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The cheapest way to decorate a wicker headboard is with paint, and some of the more expensive options include replacing a traditional headboard for shelves, shutters or even a piece of gate or fence. Not all headboards are ideal for decoration. Artfully styled wood headboard better left as they are. Some antique gables can lose their value when decorated.