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Wood Paneling Makeover Ideas

Wood paneling makeover – Though natural and rustic, a wood-paneled wall leaves home furnishings seem outdated and dull. Homeowners that go into old homes may want to update panels by painting it up colours and decorate it using contemporary art on the walls. Contemporary decoration is all about simple: neutral colours, clean lines and geometric shapes. Incorporating these modern design motifs on your process can turn a dull wood paneling makeover to a fashionable focal point.

Set drapes up against the baseboards at the bottom of the wall to protect the floor. Mask of molding BMC and window trim with painter’s tape. Apply acrylic based primer into the plank wall with a roller brushand then cut around window trim and the BMC molding with a brush.

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With a thin coating of latex paint utilizing the roller brush, Lay the wall that is primed and then brush before. Painting wood paneling makeover wall a color, such as ivory, gray, taupe, beige or light lavender. Enable the layers of paint to dry for 24 hours, then apply another coat and let it dry. Hang a collection of items, in a bunch on wall, wall hangings that are abstract or black and white, such as art. Maintain the designs easy and tidy , yet vibrant and interesting. Do not overcrowd the wall with the clutter.

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