Wooden Vinyl Plank Stair Treads

Amazing Treads Lowes

In this stair treads program, we are going to cover the exterior floor. In particular, we are going to place some vinyl plank stair treads wooden tiles: a material that resists perfectly on the outside. On this occasion, we will cover the floor of the terrace with some Ibe wood, an elegant material that perfectly resists the inclemency of the weather and the attack of fungi, termites, and other insects.

The installation of this rubber flooring is very simple, the pieces are joined together with the tongue and groove system and do not require any type of work. It can be placed on most hard surfaces, as long as they do not have a difference of more than 3%. A quick and clean solution that will allow us to change the appearance of our terrace or garden, at the same time that we will bring a feeling of warmth to the area.
These pieces of vinyl plank stair treads wood are presented in different formats and models, allowing us to make many combinations. We are going to place pieces of 30 X 60 on most of the surface, changing their direction in some areas. In addition, we will use smaller pieces, 30 X 30, with which we will make a checkerboard composition. And, we will finish the job by placing a few reductions as an auction.

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